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Everything You Wanted to Know About Cannabis

Dr. Corroon was featured in an article written for called "Everything You Wanted To Know About Cannabis".

With so many different products, how does a customer know how much to take?

"For cannabis products, consumers are often at the mercy of salespeople at state licensed dispensaries. Most of these individuals may be qualified to guide consumers to an amount of THC that will likely not overwhelm them (i.e., make them feel overtly impaired), but they aren’t qualified to recommend dosing for medical conditions, nor are they licensed to practice medicine. For medical use, consumers should seek out licensed, trained healthcare professionals."

"For CBD, this is a little easier. Hemp-derived CBD products are generally safe, assuming hundreds of milligrams are not being consumed per occasion. Also, CBD won’t lead to impairment, so the consequences of taking too much aren’t as severe as with THC."

You can read the entire article here.


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