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CBD Food and Drinks are Becoming More Popular, But the FDA isn’t Biting

Dr. Corroon was featured in an article titled, "CBD Food and Drinks are Becoming More Popular, But the FDA isn’t Biting".

Corroon pointed out that the risks that come from ingesting CBD foods or dietary supplements depend on the dose of CBD and how quickly it is consumed.
“It’s possible that the milligram amount of CBD in a single gummy could be greater than the milligram amount of CBD in a serving from a large bag of CBD-infused popcorn,” he said. “In that case, the exposure could be lower in the food product, unless a consumer ate the entire bag [of popcorn] in one sitting.”
Risks will also be different for specific populations.
“For example, there are potential drug interactions between CBD and anti-epileptic medications,” said Corroon. However, “the dose of CBD required [for a drug interaction] should exceed what would reasonably be included in a food product.”
While there’s no standard laboratory testing of CBD products, Corroon said that some companies do go the extra mile to ensure their products meet certain quality standards. Those that do, don’t hide that information, he added.
“There are manufacturers out there that are making it easy for you to look at a certificate of analysis, such as linking to it from a QR code on the label,” Corroon said. “This hopefully would be more accurate than the label, especially if the analysis was done by an independent third party.”

You can read the entire article here.


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