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Can Cannabis be a Substitute for Prescription Drugs?

Dr. Corroon was quoted in this story on

“These people aren’t getting the right care,” said Dr. Corroon. The concern is with drug interactions.

"If you add CBD to a drug regimen of an opioid or a benzo, it creates an amplification effect, Dr. Corroon explained. With CBD and Valium, for example, the liver metabolizes CBD first. The Valium is then sent back into the bloodstream, allowing the same dose to last longer. As a result, the patient may be unintentionally overmedicating. This also means a patient could be prescribed a lower dose of Valium to experience the same relief."

To clarify, adding CBD to a drug regimen of an opioid or a benzo DOES NOT NECESSARILY create an amplification effect. It depends on the dose of each drug, the timing of administration (Concurrent?), an individual's metabolism and other factors. The "amplification effect", if experienced, would indicate a clinically significant drug interaction that has extended the half-life of the opioid or benzo, in this case.

Also, see Dr. Corroon's published study on this topic.

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