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Cannabis and aging: Catch Dr. Corroon on the Kannaboomers Podcast

Old age is not a disease. It’s a destination we are we are all heading for, presuming we maintain healthy habits and have some good luck along the way. But it’s also true that was we age, we each become susceptible to diseases and conditions.

With this in mind, I was happy to be a guest recently on the Kannaboomers Podcast. It’s a show aimed at people 50 and over (those under 75 or so are also known as baby boomers) who want to learn more about the resurgence of cannabis, now increasingly being recognized as a safe and effective medicine for a variety of conditions.

Of course many baby boomers are familiar with cannabis, having hit bongs and joints in dorm rooms in the 1960s and 70s. Since then we have gained much more knowledge about this plant and it’s medicinal properties. We now know that we have an endocannabinoid system, and that if and when we develop a deficiency of our endogenous cannabinoids, we can supplement them with phyto-cannabinoids.

We are also learning more through clinical studies, some of which will eventually give us the sort of knowledge and expertise we need to confidently and accurate prescribe different forms of cannabis to patient with many different conditions.

Listen to the podcast to hear me discuss

  • Does cannabis make sense as a preventative medicine?

  • How THCa delivers the medicinal benefits of THC, without the high

  • How cannabis fits in with the principles of naturopathic medicine

We discuss these topics and much more. Listen now!

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