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The Center for Medical Cannabis Education provides evidence-based information to patients and clinicians regarding the safe, effective and legal use of cannabis for medical purposes. The Center also conducts clinical research and offers consulting services to organizations developing medical cannabis products and services.


Our guidance is backed by the latest clinical research and emphasizes safety, particularly with regard to side effects and interactions with prescription medications. We instruct individuals on the risks and benefits of cannabis use, including various methods of administration (i.e. Vaporizing v. smoking v. edibles, etc.), potential side effects and potency. We also instruct our clients on the proper use of various devices (e.g. "Vape pens", etc.). We do not provide authorizations, or recommendations, pursuant to Prop 215.

If your goal is to reduce your reliance on prescription medications, we will work directly with your prescribing providers to accomplish this.


We offer both in-office and telephone-based visits. Book a consult here.

Empowerment thru education

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